PVC uses and its Specifications

PVC Foam Boards are made by fusing two polymer components that are PVC and Polyuria chemicals. PVC foam board contains light weight material it  is also resistant to water, wind and sunlight. These materials are used for Road and Home Signage extensively. material is used in making block models both for industrial and for educational environment. This material has its shortcoming in terms of adaptability to glues but being resistant to natural elements it is a robust material for outdoor exhibiting and thus used commonly in industrial and construction site displays.

PVC Foam Boards are fiercely moisture resistant and inert to most of the chemicals therefore is a good for outdoor usage.

PVC plastic sheet is made up with a balanced combination of mechanical toughness, wide temperature range, good dimensional stability, chemical resistance, electrical insulating properties. These  sheets are not only used in electric appliances it’s also used in thermoforming applications where good formability and a cosmetic appearance are desired It is often used as panel inserts, and in audio/visual component applications due to its inherent scratch resistant surface.

PVC foam sheet is used a lot by builders in building material instead of concrete, wood, metal and clay. It is cost effective and quite versatile. it is being used so widely. It is a popular plastic material that is used in constructing buildings or things such as roofing, windows, pipes and so many other purposes.

Specifications of PVC foam sheets:

  • Durable and strong: PVC is a durable and strong material. Due to it being abrasion resistant it is used for building various things. As per researches, it can sometimes go on for more than 40 years.
  • Easy to use: PVC is extremely easy to shape, cut and fix too. It is even corrosion free and is not damaged by shocks, chemicals or weathering. It can be used both indoor as well as outdoor.
  • Easy to paint: It is easy to paint the outer surface of PVC foam sheet as the paint glides smoothly. No special paint is required. It will also not be affected by insects at all as it is bug resistant unlike wood material that gets ruined as bugs are eating on it.